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What's new in PHOENICS-3.6.1: TR006


Many changes have been made in PHOENICS since the release of version 3.5.1, which itself contained the novelties reported here.

They include:

  1. The extension of the PHOENICS object concept so as to permit both geometric and non-geometric attributes to be stored together
  2. Provision of a 'guaranteed convergence' feature
  3. Further developments in respect of fluid-structure interactions
  4. Provision of numerous new features in the graphical user interface
  5. Many improvements to FLAIR, the special-purpose program for HVAC and fires in buildings
  6. Extensions to the PHOENICS Commander
  7. A re-working of Shapemaker which can now add and store non-geometric attributes of objects, as well as creating their shapes
  8. Easier remote access via 'PHOENICS-on-line'
  9. The use of dynamic storage in all modules
  10. Major upgrades to PHOTON and AUTOPLOT
  11. Restoration and extension of parallel-PHOENICS capabilities.

These changes, and the reasons for them, will be described below.

This document is therefore written especially with the long-term PHOENICS user in mind, who wishes to know not only 'what's new' but also what is the pattern of development which is giving rise to the novelties.


  1. The PHOENICS object concept
  2. 'Guaranteed convergence'
  3. Fluid-structure interaction
  4. The graphical user interface
  5. FLAIR
  6. The PHOENICS Commander
  7. Shapemaker
  8. 'PHOENICS-on-line'
  9. Dynamic storage
  10. Upgrades to PHOTON and AUTOPLOT
  11. Parallel PHOENICS

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