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TITLE : Flow around a walking man

BY : Geoff Michel and Brian Spalding CHAM Ltd
DATE : February 2001


A man, represented by facets and positioned as though walking, is at rest in a steady stream of air.

The flow is calculated on a cartesian grid, some of the cells of which are cut obliquely by the facets.

These calls are treated by the PARSOL technique, with the result that the calculated flow field is smooth.

The Q1 is case v110 of the INput-file libraries.

Work on simulating the movement of the limbs is in progress.

The following pictures display some of the results: streamlines around the man

velocity contours, showing how the man's presence causes a wake of lowered-velocity air: 1. longitudinal component behind the man,
2. longitudinal component in a waist-level horizontal plane,
3. longitudinal component in a vertical plane aligned with the direction of motion,
4. As for 2, but showing how PARSOL produces a smooth flow, even though the grid is coarse,
5. lateral component at the same plane,
6. vertical component at the same plane,

Various representations of the distance from the man's surface, used for the calculation of turbulence:
1. 2. 3.

Various other velocity contour diagrams from a similar laminar-flow calculation:
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.