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TITLE : PLANT for simulation of water pump start-up

    BY               : S.V.ZHUBRIN
    FOR              : Technical-discussion meeting
    DATE             : September 1997
    PHOENICS Version : 3.1

The pictures show an example of PLANT application to introduce the simulation technique having the following features:-

1. PLANT generates a MARK-linked pieces of codings which fix values of velocities of moving paddles as a function of X, Y, Z and time.

2. PLANT generates a coding in which the values of in-cell MARK are functions of X, Y, Z and time.

A series of PHOTON plots describe the fluid movements in the shroud of water pump during its start-up.

At 0.5 sec.

At 1.0 sec.

At 1.5 sec.

At 2 sec.

At 2.5 sec

At 3 sec

At 3.5 sec

At 4 sec