4. How to run COSP

4.2.1 Preparation of files, Q1 and COSP.INI

4.2.2 Running SATELLITE and COSP

4.2.3 Inspection of results during execution

In addition to the monitoring of the convergence, during the repeated circles of the computation, the user can check the searching progress by using a program called, RESLOOK.EXE. Once you click activate the RESLOOK.EXE, a "Cosp controls" window similar to Figure 1 will appear.


Figure 1. "Cosp controls" window

4.2.4 Checking results

The user should check the following output files:

  2. This file contains a summarisation of the investigated problem and final result. If the optimisation process failed, it will also describe the cause.

  4. This file contains a list of the values of the searched-for constants and their corresponding objective function. The user can also examine its content via the RESLOOK window during the execution as described above.

  5. RESULT file
  6. contains results from the simulation in the form of tables of numbers and line-printer plots. The results calculated with the last set of the constants during the optimisation process are included.

  7. PHI file

The user can use PHOTON to load this file in order to display the results graphically. An alternative name for PHI from each run can be specified in Q1 by CSG1 command.