3. What are the input files required to run COSP ?

In order to run COSP, users need the following files:

3.1 Q1 file

The q1 file is used for the user to set up the all the input date for the numerical simulation of the experiments. These settings include geometry, properties and boundary conditions as well as numerical settings.

Apart from setting all the input data into the q1 file, the user may specify the input data in separate data files and utilise PIL command INTRPT(R, PATH/file-name) to read in these data. These data files can contain any information for the CFD simulation, from geometry, properties to numerical settings. The data files can be located anywhere as long as the PATH which points to the data file in the bracket of the INTRPT command is set correctly.

The following two features are used in order to run COSP:

3.2 Data files for the optimisation process

There are two data files used for the optimisation purpose.

(1) Data file for activating the optimisation process

This file is named as COSPDAT. It contains only one integer, denoting the maximum EARTH cycles that could possibly take place. Usually a large value, for example 10000 will ensure that EARTH will be running in a perpetuum mobile mode.

(2) Data file for configuring the optimisation process

A data file called COSP.INP is needed for the configuration of the optimisation process.

In order to find the optimum values of the constants embedded in mathematical models employed for the numerical simulation, COSP tries to minimize the objective function by changing the value of the constants. The objective function is the root mean square of the normalised residuals between the predictions and experiments.

COSP has been designed so that it will carry out a systematic search over a given range of constants, until a specified criterion for the objective function is satisfied.

The follwoing information is required to be contained in COSP.INP file:

(1) Experimental data

(2) Searched Constant

(3) Optimisation parameters

(4) In-Form Group