rem Preliminary note. If this file has been given the extension .htm for
rem documentation purposes, it must be renamed to scr.bat to enable it 
rem to act as a batch file

rem file scr.bat which performs a series of 4 runs on
rem grids of successivel increasing fineness
rem followed by a fifth start-from-scratch run and a
rem sixth which restarts with the grid and from the phi file
rem of run 4. so as to procure a better converged result

rem initialization of files included in the q1
copy spinxyz0 spinxyz1
copy spinxyzs spinxyz3

rem perform the first coarse-grid run
call se

rem Save the results
ren gxmoni.gif gxmoni1.gif
copy result res1
copy phi phi1

rem Call SPINTO so as to create nphi, i.e. the phi from which the 
rem next run will start and to place in spinxyz1 the nx, ny and nz
rem which are to be used.
call runspin

rem Activate  'goto end', by removing the 'rem' in front of it, 
rem if it is desired to rem terminate at this stage
rem goto end

rem Make the second-stage run, save, call SPINTO, etc
call se
ren gxmoni.gif gxmoni2.gif
copy result res2
copy phi phi2
call runspin

rem Make the third-stage run, save, call SPINTO, etc
call se
ren gxmoni.gif gxmoni3.gif
copy result res3
copy phi phi3
call runspin

rem Make the fourth-stage run, save, call SPINTO, etc
rem goto end
call se
ren gxmoni.gif gxmoni4.gif
copy result res4
copy phi phi4

rem Repeat last run without restart, by using empty spinxyz3
copy spin3emp spinxyz3
call se
ren gxmoni.gif gxmoni5.gif
copy result res5
copy phi phi5

rem Restart from nphi4 run without restart but with 30 sweeps
copy spin3lst spinxyz3
call se
copy result res6
copy phi phi6

goto end