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4.1.8 Sources of further information


The 'Advanced Turbulence Model' library contains the following Q1 files exemplifying the use of the RSTM:

       1DY Plane Channel Flow with Heat Transfer.               600
       1D Turbulent Pipe Flow with Heat Transfer.               602
       2D Parabolic Plane/Round Jet with Mass Transfer.         603
       2D Parabolic Plane Wall Jet with Heat Transfer.          604
       1D Rotating Pipe Flow with Heat Transfer.                605
       1D Plane Couette Flow.                                   606
       2DY-Z Channel Flow with Heat Transfer.                   607
       3D Developed Duct Flow with Heat Transfer.               608
       2D Impinging Round Jet with Heat Transfer.               609

Any of these cases may be loaded from the LIBRARY MENU, or alternatively from the SATELLITE in interactive mode by using, for example, LOAD(T609).


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See also the Instruction Course lectures on 'Turbulence Models' under the PHENC entry: 'Lectures on PHOENICS', 'General Topics', 'The 5-day Course of Lectures and Workshops', 'Turbulence'.