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(q) The L0FZ integer function for whole-field-solver variables

The L0F function is appropriate for providing the zero-locations in the F-array of slab-wise variables and of full-field variables other than whole-field-solver ones; but the latter, because of their different storage arrangements described above, require a different integer function, namely L0FZ(INDVAR,IZZ). This provides the variable location for the variable INDVAR, valid for the slab IZZ. Its use is illustrated in Group 8 of GREX, which is described in chapter 7 below.

The function L0FZ can be used only when the dependent variables are stored in-core; this can be ascertained by the absence of references to the disk storage in the preliminary printout in the RESULT file.

The value produced by L0FZ is equal to that which would be produced by L0F, with the addition of NX*NY*(IZZ-1).