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List of Geometry DAT files

The complete set of .dat files supplied with the current version of PHOENICS is:

In directory /phoenics/d_satell/d_object/public

These are the basic default shapes for cartesian and cylindrical-polar coordinates. If an object is given this shape, it will be replaced by the default shape for that object type.

default.dat poldef.dat

In directory /phoenics/d_satell/d_object/public/default

The following geometry files are used as the default shapes for the various object types, as shown here. They should not be used for any other purpose.

crowd.dat cube1.dat cube11.dat cube12t.dat
cube13.dat cube14.dat cube2t.dat cube3t.dat
cube4.dat cube6.dat cubesrf.dat cubet.dat
cubet1.dat cubetran.dat cylpipe.dat diffsr-r.dat
diffsr-s.dat drag.dat fine.dat invis.dat
jetfan-r.dat jetfan-s.dat polcu10.dat polcu2.dat
polcu4t.dat polcu5t.dat polcu7.dat polcu8.dat
polcu9.dat polcubet.dat polcubt1.dat polcubt2.dat
polcusrf.dat polcutra.dat poldrag.dat polfgv.dat
sitting.dat spray.dat standing.dat surface.dat
wind.dat wirexyz.dat

In directory /phoenics/d_satell/d_object/public/equipmt

airfoil.dat alftuy.dat babet.dat backfoil.dat
billet.dat bitron.dat blucar1.dat blucar2.dat
burner.dat car1.dat car2.dat car3.dat
car4.dat chamsoft.dat cock-sym.dat cock.dat
cock2.dat cock2s.dat cool-sym.dat coolfan.dat
cutter.dat drill.dat drillbit.dat drill_6.dat
eng-comp.dat engc-sym.dat fan.dat fan1.dat
fan2.dat fireng1.dat franp.dat frf.dat
heatsink.dat ingot.dat links.dat louver.dat
naca2414.dat nose.dat pcb.dat pccf.dat
pipe.dat piston.dat policar.dat race_car.dat
roadbend.dat sidepan2.dat spiral_floor.dat submarine.dat
tuyaux.dat wheel.dat wing.dat wuaful.dat

In directory /phoenics/d_satell/d_object/public/flair/miscllns

floor2.dat roofvis2.dat side1.dat side2.dat

In directory /phoenics/d_satell/d_object/public/formul-1

These geometries are used by the F1-in-schools version

back_whl.dat balsa.dat balsa_gt.dat balsa_r.dat
co2_can.dat denfordex.dat design_2_r6.dat frnt_whl.dat
grndprix.dat jag_f1.dat

In directory /phoenics/d_satell/d_object/public/furnture

archs.dat barheat.dat bigben.dat blinddwn.dat
blindup.dat bseat2.dat build1.dat build2.dat
build3.dat chair1.dat chair2.dat chair2s.dat
chairs.dat chairs3.dat cooker.dat cpseat.dat
desk.dat factory.dat filecab.dat fire.dat
fire2.dat front.dat gantrys.dat house1.dat
kettle.dat light.dat microwav.dat monitor.dat
plants.dat plants1.dat postbox.dat rad1.dat
radiator.dat scatty.dat smoke.dat soilcorn.dat
strplite.dat table.dat telly.dat temp.dat
tower0.dat window.dat window1.dat window2.dat
window3.dat window4.dat

In directory /phoenics/d_satell/d_object/public/human

man.dat man2.dat man2_0.dat person.dat
seated.dat woman.dat

In directory /phoenics/d_satell/d_object/public/mofor

These geometries are used by some MOFOR library cases

acjet.dat chamsoft.dat drivers1.dat engine.dat

In directory /phoenics/d_satell/d_object/public/polar

These geometries are designed for use in cylindrical-polar coordinates. They will follow the X-grid.

polcorner.dat polcube.dat polqsph.dat polwedge.dat

In directory /phoenics/d_satell/d_object/public/shapes

This folder contains 'primitives' which can be used to build up more complex shapes

box.dat coil.dat cone.dat corner.dat
cube.dat cylinder.dat half-cone.dat half-cylinder.dat
half-pyramid.dat half-sphere.dat hexagon.dat octagon.dat
pipebend.dat prism.dat pyramid.dat quarter-cone.dat
quarter-cylinder.dat quarter-pyramid.dat quarter-sphere.dat sphere.dat
tallwedge.dat wedge.dat

In directory /phoenics/d_satell/d_object/public/tutorial

These geometries are used in some of the tutorials

complete.dat comple_0.dat land.dat main-pod.dat
pod-el-1.dat pod-el-2.dat slopes.dat towers.dat

In directory /phoenics/d_satell/d_object/public/usp

These geometries are used in some of the UnStructured-PHOENICS library cases

fluidreg.dat prmat_1.dat prmat_2.dat u704.dat

The following geometry files are in the process of being withdrawn. They may be used, but it is not guaranteed that they will always remain available.

In directory /phoenics/d_satell/d_object/public/deprecated/shapes

10.dat 11.dat 14.dat 2cyls.dat
3bens.dat 4.dat 8.dat ahcyl.dat
arch.dat block.dat cbe.dat cencube1.dat
cencube2.dat cube1.dat cube10.dat cube11.dat
cube12.dat cube12t.dat cube13.dat cube14.dat
cube15.dat cube16.dat cube2.dat cube2t.dat
cube3.dat cube3t.dat cube4.dat cube5.dat
cube6.dat cubet.dat cubet1.dat cyl1.dat
cyl16.dat cyl1t.dat cyl2.dat cyl3.dat
cyl4.dat cyl5.dat cyl96.dat cylinda.dat
cylpipe.dat cylwall.dat diag.dat diag1.dat
diag3.dat elbowpip.dat ellip.dat fine1.dat
hemis.dat hexagon.dat hfcone.dat hfcyl.dat
hfpipe.dat hfsphere.dat hfsphet.dat hh1.dat
hlftube.dat holcyl.dat lin_cyl.dat oct.dat
oldcylin.dat paddle.dat pip2.dat pipecolo.dat
pipes.dat polcu3.dat polcu4.dat polcu5.dat
polcu6.dat polhh1.dat polwe2.dat port_vca.dat
qtpipe.dat qtrtube.dat recwedge.dat smoosphe.dat
sphere1.dat sphere2.dat sphere3.dat sphere4.dat
spiral.dat subm.dat thinpipe.dat triangle.dat
triwedge.dat vrg4.dat wedge1.dat wedge2.dat
wedget.dat wednew.dat

In directory /phoenics/d_satell/d_object/public/deprecated/equipmt


In directory /phoenics/d_satell/d_object/public/deprecated/mofor

cube0001.dat cubelin.dat cuberot.dat sphe0001.dat
sphe0002.dat sphe0003.dat sphe0004.dat sphe0005.dat
sphe0006.dat sphe0007.dat sphe0008.dat sphe0009.dat
sphe0010.dat sphe0011.dat sphe0012.dat sphe0013.dat
sphe0014.dat sphe0015.dat sphe0016.dat sphe0017.dat
sphe0018.dat sphe0019.dat sphe0020.dat sphe0021.dat
sphe0022.dat sphe0023.dat sphe0024.dat sphe0025.dat
sphe0026.dat sphe0027.dat sphe0028.dat sphe0029.dat
sphe0030.dat sphe0031.dat sphe0032.dat sphe0033.dat
sphe0034.dat sphe0035.dat sphe0036.dat sphe0037.dat
sphe0038.dat sphe0039.dat sphe0040.dat sphe0041.dat
sphe0042.dat sphe0043.dat sphe0044.dat sphe0045.dat
sphe0046.dat sphe0047.dat sphe0048.dat sphe0049.dat
sphereln.dat tempo102.dat

In directory /phoenics/d_satell/d_object/public/deprecated/scones

4el_cw.dat cwb.dat cwf.dat cwl-r.dat