Quick Start

Click the button on the left to cause PHOENICS to simulate flow around a Three programs will be run in sequence and without pause, namely:
  1. Satellite, which extracts the input-data from the already-prepared file;
  2. the solver module, 'Earth', which finds the solution to the fluid-flow equations which corresponds to these data; and
  3. the Virtual-Reality Viewer, which permits visualisation of the computed flow.
While the solver is executing, the screen will have an appearance like this, whereby the curves, as they extend to the right, reveal the progress of execution.

You can terminate the run at any time by pressing the E key twice; but, if you do, the Viewer may not start automatically. You will then have to click the 'run-modules' button in the top border, and then the button on the left, marked 'VRV'.

When the Viewer starts, you will be presented with a screen like this. Press the OK button in order to proceed.
The viewer will not terminate until instructed. You will be therefore be able to interact with it so as to examine the results, guided by instructions in the 'Viewer' file accessed from the help-button menu.

To create your first pictures, follow the instructions concerning 'macros'.

Thereafter experiment with buttons which change the viewpoint, create streamlines, draw velocity vectors, etc.

To terminate the viewer session, click on the top-right X.