How to find cases with selected features

The purposes of this file are to explain how to: The steps are as follows:
  1. Open the PHOENICS commander (if it is not already open).

  2. Proceed to the Input-File Libraries panel (if you are not already there).

  3. Press the 'now-find' button. You will then see a panel like this, showing tick-boxes for selections concerned with dimensionality.

  4. Click one or more of these boxes if you wish; then those features which you have selected will appear in the box on the left.

  5. Then click the button to the right of the word 'menu', so as to elicit a list of groups of selectable features, those such as a-b, c-c, etc indicating an alphabetical ordering.
    Clicking on one item of the list will lead to the corresponding set of tick boxes, allowing you to add to the features which the cases which you want must possess.

  6. If you wish to de-select an item in the 'desired items' list, click on it and then on the 'delete feature from list' button.
    To de-select all items, click on 'Clear selection'.

  7. When you have selected a sufficient number, click on the find-cases button.

  8. After a short period during which the search is being conducted, the 'finder' panel will again appear, this time with one or more 'matched-case' tabs along its bottom edge.

  9. Clicking on one of these should result in a scrollable display such as this, containing a list of cases which satisfy your search criteria, these being, in the case shown:

  10. Each case in the list is represented by:

  11. Select the desired case from the list by clicking on the appropriate link; then, at the top of the panel, will be seen links which enable the case to be studied by:

  12. Advice to the new user placed at the bottom of the selected case panel provides reminders about choices available.