photon use
  p;p5; ;x5
  view x 1
  msg pressure contours on ix=1 and vectors
  gr ou x 1;con p1 x 1 fi;0.001;vec x 1
  pause;con off;vec off;view y 1
  msg pressure contours on iy=1 and vectors
  gr ou y 1;con p1 y 1 fi;0.001;vec y 1
  pause;con off;vec off;view z 1
  msg pressure contours on iz=1 and vectors
  gr ou z 1;con p1 z 1 fi;0.001;vec z 1
    GROUP 1. Run title and other preliminaries
TEXT(Moving-bfc test; grid distortion   :b965
  This case tests the moving-BFC features of PHOENICS by simulating
  the flows within an expanding (or contracting) box-shaped cavity
  with impervious (or pervious) walls.
  The fluid is compressible; and, since the grid velocity is small
  compared with the sound speed and the expansion is uniform in all
  directions, the fluid moves with the grid.
  Numbers of time steps, and intervals in the x, y and z directions
  may be entered interactively.
  Provision is also made for:
  * changing the specific-heat ratio, via GAMA,
  * changing the speed of movement via TLAST, and
  * the directions of movement, via RSG8, RSG10 and RSG12;
  * and for opening the moving surfaces, so that the fluid remains
    substantially at rest.
STEADY=F; LSTEP=5; NX=5; NY=5; NZ=5; TLAST=0.1; gama=1.4; open=f