RhinoCFD, which is compatible with Rhino3D Versions 5 and 6, adds the power of computational fluid dynamics to the CAD environment. It allows Rhino3D users to undertake interactive CFD investigations of their CAD models operating under a multitude of flow conditions; and all without leaving the Rhinoceros environment.


RhinoCFD incorporates many of the best and unique features of PHOENICS.

  • 'PARSOL' minimises problems associated with handling complex geometries.
  • Automatic Meshing avoids the necessity to spend hours optimizing meshes, and
  • CONWIZ, the convergence wizard, greatly reduces the complexity of obtaining converged solutions.


Both steady-state and transient (time-dependent) scenarios can be considered, enabling users to extend the range of conditions applied to their models.


Email us at rhinoCFD@cham.co.uk to find out about prices and a free-trial option for students and academics.


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RhinoCFD Information